Gift Set of 2 very boozy dessert sauce

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We’ve done it … pairing our two best selling boozy dessert sauces. 

Rum & Salted Caramel made with 25% dark rum and White Chocolate & Raspberry Martini made with 25% white rum and real raspberries.

Both are are sweet, decadent and very addictive! Pour over ice cream, pancakes, berries, meringues or if baking add to icing or the cheese in cheesecake.

Or make cocktails add Rum & Salted caramel to Tia Maria or a espresso martini and add the White Chocolate & Raspberry Martini to Prosecco 👌

Each bottle contains 25% Rum nearly 2 measures so definitely an ADULTS only treat.

Allergy Advice: made in commercial premises containing all allergens.

Shake Well before use as separation will occur, store in a cool dry place.  Once opened refrigerate and consume within 4 weeks.

Ingredients : 

Rum & Salted Caramel- Rum 25%, cola, olive oil, salted caramel syrup, guar gum(stabiliser) 

White chocolate & raspberry martini- White rum 25%, white chocolate syrup, raspberry syrup, olive oil, water, raspberries, guar gum.


Servings - 12 x 15g